About us


Our mission is to change the status quo of mobile gaming by deemphasizing pay to win and shifting focus to strategy. We pride ourselves in being a company built and ran by everyday gamers like you.


1.) What is LUX Mobile Studios?

LUX Mobile Studios originated from an idea that mobile game players might know better than paid developers and large game companies.

It's named after the founding member's alliance tag in a similar game and is an established LLC in the state of Delaware, USA. Right now LUX Mobile Studios has 10 game player volunteers and two full time contractors. It is primarily funded, pending the successful kickstarter, by its three founding members.

2.) That all sounds great but what are you trying to do?

Our development and graphic efforts are being focused on launching Four Horsemen - a mobile strategy game that allows F2P and P2P to stay competitive with each other. Ultimately our goal is to close the gap between those who spend and those who do not. We want to foster active playing environments where if you grind it out by spending time in the game, you can still stay relevant versus those who are just buying everything.

3.) How is this being funded?

Right now, all of the development and graphics have either been donated or paid for by our three founding members. Starting in early July, LUX Mobile Studios intends on launching a KickStarter to raise $75,000 to help fund this project through a successful BETA.

4.) So you are asking for my money?

We understand that not everyone is in a place to give a financial contribution. It takes more than money to make a game successful. In addition to just money, we need suggestions, honest critique, what you would do in a game if you were to develop one. Join our Discord and post them in #suggestions.

As well, we need to create a buzz. Follow and share us on Social Media. Invite your friends and fellow gamers to Our Social Media. Start really talking about Four Horsemen. Remember we must hit our goal of the Kickstarter for the funds to be released. We are counting on everyone to help spread the word.

5.) Why should I contribute to this

Have you ever played a mobile game that cost more than the phone you play it on? Exclusive items that you need to stay competitive and relevant but can't get without spending money, regardless of how much time you spend in the game?

Four Horsemen changes that status quo. Unlike similar MMORPG, Four Horsemen rewards players based on their activity and time spent in game with free and discounted packs, as well as free and increased rewards based on their spending, the spending of their alliance, and their Colony.

The highest pack price will be under $49.99 - and spending will not be required to keep your Shelter safe, your troops alive, and your Scavengers upgraded and strong.

Enough is enough. It's time for players to take a stand, create their game, and change the status quo